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FASTag is Free At Toll Plazas Till March 1: Know More

New Delhi: With an aim to push the Digital India initiative, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has started rolling out an RFID tag that helps in the electronic payment of toll charges free at its toll plazas that will continue till March 1. 

On Wednesday, the daily toll collection through FASTag hit a record Rs 95 crore, as per the release by the NHAI. The statement further mentioned that the users without FASTags will have to pay double the prescribed toll in cash.

If there are any technical errors at toll plazas, FASTags users can cross the plazas without even paying a single penny as long as there is balance in their tags, said NHAI officials.

In just two days of the NHAI mandating electronic toll payment, FASTag usage has reached the level of almost 9 in 10 users. To improve FASTag adoption amongst users, NHAI said that FASTag can be availed for free from 770 toll plazas on National and State highways across the country till March 1.

The users must note that to keep a check on the FASTag balance users can go to the ‘My FASTag App’ and check the balance status.

The app now shows FASTag wallet balance status in colour codes. With sufficient balance, the colour code will show green, orange for low balance and red for the negative balance.

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